khachapuri in brighton beach

Khachapuri at Georgian Bread

This week’s New York Chow Report came together thanks to a few sharp colleagues: My friend Sarah Karnasiewicz, an award-winning cook and excellent writer, fell in love with khachapuri– a cheese-filled bread– when traveling in Russia. (Sarah runs a pretty little cooking blog over at 365 Kitchen, and one of my favorite entries is this one.)

Then my pal Adina Steiman, a trained chef and the food editor of Men’s Health, directed me to Georgian Bread. Chowhounds confirmed it as a solid khachapuri source, so I trekked down there. It was the third shop I’d visited for the bread, and was by far the best. Click here if you want the full story, or tune in on NY1 today in the half hour following 6:30pm, 8:30pm,1:30am, 2:30am, or 3:30am.

Thanks to Alex Lisowski for some gorgeous shots, Jenny Woodward for a smart edit, and Sarah for the crazy hats. I know I look frostbitten on that there beach, but it was a fun day’s worth of work, and I strongly recommend checking out the bread. Badri and Bernardo are turning out amazing creations in a tiny space.

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