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new feature in the washington post

If you’re a journalist working in food, odds are good that someone has asked you write a piece about the Instant Pot. Thanks to its efficiency, it’s enormously popular, but I felt compelled to find out whether it could make … Continue reading

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otto’s one-legged turkey

I was lucky enough to know all four of my grandparents. Grandpa Van Buren showed up every Christmas as round and rosy-cheeked as Santa Claus, bringing with him a big suitcase full of gifts—sweaters with snowflakes, and sensible things like that—he … Continue reading

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thoughts on Southern living

Biking in Charleston. Credit: Alex Van Buren, Instagram It’s an often-repeated saying among the women I know: “You should leave New York before it makes you hard. That’s what Nora Ephron said.” Nora Ephron didn’t say that, nor did Kurt … Continue reading

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traveling and being leisurely for travel + leisure

Chocolate mousse pie at Pels Pie Company in Brooklyn. Credit: Alex Van Buren  This morning my computer had a close encounter with a cup of coffee. I shorted out the keyboard but maybe not the entire contraption; time will tell. It’s shocking that … Continue reading

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recent to-ings, fro-ings, and eats

Dry-aged beef potstickers at Brooklyn’s East Wind Snack Shop. Go there. Sprinkle that umami secret spice mix on ’em. So good. Photo: Alex Van Buren, Instagram Happy August! So let’s get something clear up front: No one is allowed to mention … Continue reading

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setting the table

Photo: Alex Van Buren, Instagram My father’s mother recently realized that her eldest unmarried granddaughter is living in Brooklyn, alone, without the proper accoutrements. Our calls typically involve my shouting so she can hear me—she is 94—and grandma shouting so … Continue reading

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a launch + a memory

So yesterday was a bit of a rough one. It wasn’t work that was tough. My colleagues and I launched a new site, Yahoo Food, a work in progress of which, as Features Editor, I’m proud. We’ve been toiling away … Continue reading

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new orleans!

Oh, my goodness, this is becoming a biannual blog. That *can’t* be good for SEO. This site is primarily for professional purposes, though, designed to send the curious to my writing, video and editing clips, which are here. It’s also … Continue reading

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cat-sized watermelons and other indignities

My last post overstated things. Prosciutto and butter and bread are excellent, yes. But that was then (May), and this is now (July), and the city has an ineffable stickiness that makes you root, root, root for the kids wasting … Continue reading

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