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  1. I enjoyed reading your article inquiring about when baking powder expires. About 2 years ago, we needed to make a recipe calling for baking powder. We had none and needed it ASAP. So, we went to our next-door neighbor and borrowed their can of baking powder. Everything went fine and the next day, we planned to return it. Imagine our surprise and consternation when we looked at the expiration date on the can (as you did), it was dated in 1984! We thanked our neighbor and through our laughter, asked whether she might want to think about getting another can…. Thanks for the humor!!
    Mel & CJ Hoffman

    1. Hi, Mel and CJ! Thanks so much for your note. I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece, and holy mackerel, 1984! How impressive that your baking powder panned out, as it were. Best, Alex

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