the first rule of flight club…

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(Editor’s correction: I originally wrote this as a first-Friday deal; it is not, but a first-Monday-of-the-month event).

Speaking of hype, The Bell House, the faux-Western music hall-slash-bar in Gowanus, is as rad as you’ve heard. It’s got a long, polished, sexy bar and the sort of dim, twinkly lighting that makes a gal look good while she primps in the mirror. The barkeep was spinning vintage 60s tracks on a recent stopby, and that—along with retro-chic loveseats scattered about—makes me wish it was around the corner.  Better yet, on April 6th, “Flight Club” will launch—a first-Monday-of-the-month deal from 6-8pm. Four beers for $10? “No way could they be a decent size,” I thought when I saw the flyer. But they are: Management confirms that four ten-ounce pours will be offered. Up this month: Smuttynose. Captain Lawrence (a personal fave) and Rogue are tentatively on tap for May and June.

The suds selection:
Smuttonator Dopplebock (8.5% abv)
Farmhouse (8% abv)
Scotch Ale (8.2% abv)
Gravitation Quad (9% abv)
Brown Dog

As if that’s not enough, Sixpoint’s Otis (an oatmeal stout cask ale) will also be part of the flight. Oh, what? You were going to wash and dry your hair that night? Check it: The Smutty brewmaster will pair each beer on offer with a bit of Murray’s cheese. Given that brews are typically $5-$6 per pint at Bell House, it’s a pretty darn cheap date night. Tip well, folks.

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