is dinner ready yet?

From left: Ashwin Balakrishnan; Michael Hebb; me; Matt Wiggins. Photo credit Ashwin Balakrishnan.

You guys are lucky I didn’t use one of my deadly puns to title this post. They are ingrained in my writing after stints at three magazine staff jobs: Orange You Glad to See Us?; Table the Matter; The Fearless Four. Of course, only two of those are puns, and bad ones at that, but I’m halfway out the door to drink recession-themed cocktails at a recession-themed speakeasy with other recession-fearing journalists. Don’t be so jealous. Anyways, this is my favorite pic from my wacky journey, and this is my table–er, OUR table–a sexy plastic 30″ square number, which I carried on my back for about 31 of the 32 miles towards dinner. More pix here.

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