fish and chips, deviled eggs, and papaya salad

Hullo, there. I have three new videos up on, which have run on NY1 over the last several weeks. Many thanks to Alex Lisowski for his skilled shooting, directing and editing.

First, I ate some darn fine fish ‘n chips and hung out with my cousin over some Guinnesses at the Cuckoo’s Nest in Woodside, Queens. Many thanks to Paul and Michael for being so accommodating.

Next I tackled the deviled egg, with which I’m slightly obsessed at the moment– though not after making them for a recent party! Prepping and peeling a dozen hard-boiled eggs without bungling the whites is pretty tricky. In the segment I suggest some pairings, because deviled eggs actually go well with certain beers and wines– and if Tia Pol served cocktails, I would have ordered a Tom Collins, with which they’re fantastic. Thanks to Stephanie, Mani and TJ for all their help.

Finally, I headed out to Elmhurst to feature the papaya salad at Ayada Thai. It’s a heck of a dish– so different than you’d expect– and in my piece I make a stab at explaining why. Thanks to Kitty, Nina and Paul for being superlative hosts.

Looking forward to the next few weeks, and to featuring springier fare (c’mon, weather!)

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