the eminently edible city bakery

City Bakery. Photo by Michael Harlan Turkell.

Keep an eye out for the new Edible Manhattan, which always makes for good subway reading, en route to happy hours and rock shows this weekend. Look for the one with marshmallows on its cover and try not to run over to City Bakery for its famous hot chocolate immediately after reading the profile penned by yours truly and editor Gabrielle Langholtz.

It’s a neat piece in part because Rubin is an interesting character, and partly because it’s a rare style collaboration between two pretty different journalists. Gabrielle layered her snap-crackle pop-punk voice on to the chill, lyrical motif I’ve been trying on for size lately, and I think it works. It’s like getting a makeover at Macy’s — different, but somehow awesome: “Gold eyeshadow! Who knew?”

If cocoa-n-marshmallows does not provide enough of a comfort food fix as the mercury drops, Jimmy’s No. 43, the dimly-lit gastropub in the East Village, has a steal of a sandwich right now. It’s a super-tender beef brisket sandwich braised in stout and served on hearty French bread, for $9. It’s like a glammed up version of pulled pork (from a totally different animal). Good times. The menu changes constantly, so call first to make sure it’s there (it is tonight)! Jimmy very kindly let my party of three hang out, drink beer and pore over our, um, Catullus translations last night before busting out some Latin of his own, earning him this nerd’s stamp of approval.

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