entertain cheaply and In Stylishly

Winter has arrived with a shiver here in Brooklyn, and I’m ready to buckle down and do some serious nesting. Though my studio is too tiny for parties, I have revived my holiday tradition, much beloved by friends, of inviting myself into their homes. At least I usually show up lugging a bottle of Moscato d’Asti or a jar of paté.

What with the cratered economy, however, we’re all looking for tricks on how to entertain—and be good guests—without dipping into our savings accounts. So I was pleased when In Style assigned me a feature about entertaining frugally and stylishly during the holiday season. The December issue is on stands now; flip to page 366 to learn super-simple cocktails from Huckleberry Bar‘s wonderful Stephanie Schneider, or find tasty wines starting at $17 from award-winning L20 sommelier Chantelle Pabros. Take a cue from adorable do-gooder Jamie Oliver and cook up an earthy mushroom risotto, learn how caterer Peter Callahan throws together cheapie appetizers, or make a glitzy centerpiece of golden spray-painted roses like Michael George. (No, not George Michael—though yes, that would be exciting). Then use the extra moolah to buy your mom some extra-warm mittens this year, or send a ten-spot to the local soup kitchen. Here’s to staying cozy, happy, and healthy through the holidaze.

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