new job & a new book

Two items of interest:

1) I’ve been editing the very cool website Slashfood, whose slogan is “All food, all the time” for about six weeks now, working with stellar writers and indulging my need to ramble on about grub. It’s been a blast, and I hope you’ll follow us there.

2) The book I co-wrote with nutritional counselor (and all-around good guy) Jared Koch is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Clean Plates site. I wrote the reviews. Jared & Co. wrote the rest. It’s a pretty cool, pocket-sized little sucker designed to guide diners to the tastiest restaurants in NYC featuring chemical-free and (often) locally-sourced goods. From Blue Hill to Chipotle, there’s some great stuff in there for every budget, and my taste buds stand behind every review. (Also, this food writer thinks it’s worth noting a couple of healthy places didn’t make the cut simply because they weren’t tasty enough).

As you were, and thanks for reading.

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