rock! lobster.

In other news, lobster rolls still rule.

This baby set me back $13 (New Yorkers know this to be a bargain) down at the Red Hook Lobster Pound, which hits the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday afternoons. The leggy critters are dragged down here from Maine, and they are darn tasty.

I’d suggest you go for the meat with mayo, not butter (heresy to this butter-lover) simply because the workers keep the buttered meat close to the heat source, so it gets a little overcooked and gummy. The mayo-ed lobster meat comes already flecked with scallions, and — though a little non-traditional — it’s quality stuff. That’s paprika y’all see sprinkled on top.

Meat-to-bun ratio varies wildly, but you know, for $13 with a view of the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge and the water — and as many hipsters as you could ever possibly want to stand next to — it’s a pretty fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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